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About Me

OE stands for Ovsichtcher, Egor – Me, the founder of I am a Mortgage Broker (Lic#12015) licensed to operate in Ontario under Silver Line Mortgage Group. I am a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor with a strong marketing background and a proven track record.

As a real estate investor, I became interested in the Mortgage business because it always amazed me how overwhelming could shopping for mortgage rates be. Every time that I was offered a rate, it seemed that the agent hiked up the rate purposely to benefit more from the deal. I chose the

mortgage business as a career because I understand the people’s need for professionals who strive to uphold the integrity of this industry.

As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of my reputation. In this business, my goal is

achieving success through your referrals, and in order for my client base to grow I strive to exceed my clients’ expectations.

My Philoshopy

The better the service – the stronger the client base. I work hard to qualify for your return business, and referrals.


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