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13 March 2016


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New VS Resale – Amenities

It took us a while, but we have finally accepted the fact that we need to take care of our planet. Some credit can be given to Al Gore, whose

lockbuster hit “The Inconvenient Truth” brought environmental awareness to a global level. Others praise Greenpeace for their (often questionable) efforts in preserving the environment.

But what about the real estate industry? Canada is one of the world’s leading countries in sustainable development and Toronto played host to the 2013 Green Building Festival on October 3. It featured presentations from environmentally conscious companies such as EnerQuality, Enbridge Gas

Distribution, Windmill Development Group, Hydro One Networks, and DCL Healthcare Properties.

Most importantly, it highlighted the tremendous leaps that the GTA has made over the years in the evolution of new home construction – particularly the high-rise sector.

Many of you may have noticed that since the introduction of Place to Grow in 2006, builders and

developers in the GTA have been forced to implement the province’s strong emphasis on

intensification. They were told to build up, not out, to increase density in the existing metropolitan.

In simpler terms, they had to build more condos.

While the increase in quantity is obvious to anyone who has visited Toronto’s downtown core in the last three or four years, what is even more impressive is the undeniable advancement in quality!

New condominiums have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency. In 2012, the Ontario Building Code was updated to include higher standards for building energy efficient communities and GTA-based builders and developers have met, and often exceeded, these new requirements.

A simple walk through the City of Toronto’s multiple sales offices will produce an array of various green features such as high-pressure, low-flow shower heads and faucets, dual-flush toilets and front

loading washing machines which reduce both water and energy consumption. Many of these come

standard with your purchase while others are sold as upgrades, promising to save you money on your energy bills and eventually cover the cost of your investment.

But, what you see inside the sales offices and model suites is just scratching the surface. Today, a lot of new condominium buildings are built with double-glazed, gas-filled, air tight windows and thermally insulated walls. Others feature ventilation systems that recover energy from stale air before it is

exhausted from the building. Most are built with high efficiency boilers, Energy Star™ appliances and easily accessible recycling facilities.

Projects in the GTA have been taking home numerous awards at various national and international competitions for their emphasis on sustainable building and development. Meanwhile, environmentally conscious home buyers are given even more choice when looking for their next home.

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