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  • Egor, as a mortgage broker at Silver Line has been a very prompt and professional adviser in providing efficient and effective services. He had

    conducted a request in a timely fashion and was always there to answer any questions. I would recommend Egor to any colleagues or family whom may need assistance in the mortgage industry. Egor was also very welcoming and detail oriented in going through the process step by step, being very transparent and has his clients best interest at heart.

    Michael H.

  • I was very fortunate to have selected Egor to facilitate my borrowing process. His professionalism was evident at all times and his warm personality and

    eagerness to help was very much appreciated. I will be sure to seek his services for any subsequent borrowing needs.

    Andrei Z.

  • Egor was easy to deal with, available for all my questions and explained things simply.

    Pasqualino D.

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